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My name is Anne (Annie) and most of my time is spent working as a bookkeeper. If I’m not at work, my garden is the place I go to relax and escape. I find that weeding or working in my greenhouse is a great way to relieve stress. However, my main hobby is genetics. In the past I have bred cats, rabbits and mice. I would have bred horses as well, but we just weren’t rich enough…..! 

I have two sisters and a brother, and over the years I acquired several surnames (Popham, Foster and now Holmes)

My father, Francis Parmenter, had a great love for Geraniums. He preferred Miniature Zonals, but also kept Ivys and Angels. He devoted most of his spare time to growing, showing and hybridising. (In that order !) Sadly my father has passed away, but my mother still lives in Eastwood, Essex in the house where I was born.

One of the plants raised by my father is a Variegated Ivy Geranium which bares his name. Unfortunately it’s often mis-spelled which I find quite upsetting (Francis Parmitter, for example)  My own prefix has also been mis-spelled as Annsbrook instead of Ansbrook.

When Jarvis Brook first started listing the plants I had bred, I was also using the suffix “Parmer”.

I became interested in genetics at a young age, and I was certainly motivated to experiment by watching the seed heads develop in dads’ greenhouse. From the age of about eight, I started choosing parent plants for dad and pollinating them. By the time I bought my first house, I was already raising new varieties of my own.  I spent many years hybridising Zonal Pelargoniums, and Ron & Wendy Mitchell of Jarvis Brook have most of them in their National Collection on the Isle of Wight. When my sons were about seven, I had to go back to work and so my hobby slowed right down.

I also did some hybridising work for Roger Broinowski of www.geraniumcottage.com  in Australia

Nowadays I am still pretty busy, what with work at ACE and Breeding rats. (With the help of Joanna and Sheila I also developed a couple of new varieties of those as well !)

Masked Rat and Essex Rat         

Hopefully, I want to start experimenting with the geraniums again, but that largely depends on the time I manage to make available…..!

Please excuse the quality of the photos, which were taken in the Autumn.  I will do some fresh ones when flowering starts again in Spring.





Paintbox (Spotted)




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